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What is SKLPC’s strategy for fundraising?

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a) Ongoing fundraising with members and affiliated gaams

b) As a community member, you can contact at least two or three of your family members or friends to encourage them to donate. This can be done every week, if possible, on an ongoing basis during the project’s lifetime.

c) Children of any age are encouraged and welcome to gift any amount they wish to contribute. No amount is too small for this project.

d) Approaching prominent businesses within our community

e) Various fundraising events have been planned, and some events are completed successfully.

f) Awareness of our project through various social media channels and personal contacts


Let's Together Build Our New Home so Our Children, Grand Children & Great Grand Children Have a Safe Place to be at One With Their Community & Culture.


You Can Make Your Donation or Pledge By Clicking the Donate Button Below or Contacting your Gaam Committee.