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Why do we need a new centre?

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The Centre in its present condition does not meet our communities’ requirements. It requires a lot of work to be done to provide better and modern facilities for our Sports and Community events, including upgrading our facilities for better traffic management to make it easier for vehicles to enter and exit the centre, better security and allowing better pedestrian’s access to our centre.

Every year we spend thousands of pounds to organise our functions in a large marquee with associated sound systems, stage, decorations, carpeted flooring, etc. Not to mention the time spent by hundreds of our dedicated volunteers to set up and manage it. At the same time, the cost of hiring external services for our functions is increasing yearly, as with everything else in life. The new centre will address many of these issues with the new and modern facilities for all community members. It will be environmentally friendly and cost-effective to run.


Let's Together Build Our New Home so Our Children, Grand Children & Great Grand Children Have a Safe Place to be at One With Their Community & Culture.


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