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Why should I support the new Samaj building?

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The key benefit will be the personal feeling that you belong to the Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community (SKLPC) and will be supporting the construction of a building with modern sports and community facilities for the wider community that will serve the next generations in our community. This project will benefit not only you but your children, friends and other fellow community members.

We are all part of SKLPC by virtue of our ancestry.We may move cities, countries and continents, but we will for generations still be known as originating from the Chovis (24) Leva Patel gaams of Kutch. It is our opportunity to build a flagship centre that epitomises our community identity, strength and cohesion and will bring pride and joy for years to come. Elevate our kanbi community to new heights and help future generations preserve our social, cultural and personal beliefs through education, social and sports activities.


Let's Together Build Our New Home so Our Children, Grand Children & Great Grand Children Have a Safe Place to be at One With Their Community & Culture.


You Can Make Your Donation or Pledge By Clicking the Donate Button Below or Contacting your Gaam Committee.