Project Update

May 2021

India Gardens Project Update


Our Journey from inception to planning permission

Our SKLPC(UK) India Gardens project journey started in 2015 with a vision for a centre designed in a way which celebrates who we are as a Samaj today, while having the foresight to cater for the needs of future generations, so that we can preserve our heritage and culture and elevate our great Community to new heights.

Community Vision & Obtaining Planning Permission Timeline Status
SKLPC (UK) held various workshops attended by our Community Members to outline their vision for the new Centre 2015 Completed
India Gardens Project Planning process commenced May 2016 Completed
Stage 1 – Ealing Council Decision October 2018 Completed
Stage 2 – GLA Decision November 2018 Completed
India Gardens Project Construction Build Cost drawn up on the Planning Drawings @ £12 million + VAT to SKLPC members EGM December 2018 Completed
India Gardens Project Fundraising Drive commenced September 2019 Completed

Our Current Position

The current position with the SKLPC(UK) India Gardens project construction costs, consultant costs and the donations/pledges received to date is as follows:

IG Project Team, Construction Design, Legal, Finance Timeline Status
IG Project Team selected with 13 members EGM December 2018 Completed
12 Construction Design Consultants appointed with total fees payable of £490,000 March 2019 Completed
VAT Specialists Consultants appointed with total sum payable of £3,000 February 2020 Completed
S106 Legal Consultants appointed with total sum payable – £10,000 + £113,000(S106) July 2020 Completed
Detailed forecast for Income & Expenditure for New Centre completed December 2020 Completed
Tender Documents and Drawings issued to four Building Contractors within our Community February 2021 Completed
Donations / Pledges received (excluding material/benefit in kind) towards the SKLPC(UK) India Gardens Project – £1,731,461 April 2021 In Progress

The way forward
The next steps with the SKLPC(UK) India Gardens project are as follows:

Approval from SKLPC Members and IG Project Fund Raising Timeline Status
The Final Tender Cost to be received by SKLPC(UK) India Gardens Committee by the four Building Contractors of our Community May 2021 Completed
Final draft version of the S106 agreement to be presented at the E-AGM 2021 to request SKLPC(UK) Members approval for the SKLPC(UK) Trustees to sign May 2021 In Progress
Forecast Income & Expenditure for the New SKLPC(UK) Community Centre & Sports Ground to be presented to the SKLPC Members at the E-AGM 2021 for their information on the operational viability and a summary is contained within this leaflet. May 2021 In Progress
The full planning status of SKLPC(UK) India Gardens project after signing S106 will be valid for upto 3 years from the date of sign off by SKLPC(UK) & Ealing Council. June 2021 In Progress
Fund Raising to be re-energised with our 24 affiliated Gaams, Individuals & Business Entrepreneurs June 2021 In Progress
SKLPC(UK) Members have approximately 2 years (or less subject to response) to raise/and or collect in the region of 50% of the funds of the Total Project Cost to start the New SKLPC(UK) Community Centre & Sports Ground construction 2021 – 2023 In Progress

The IG team during the course of the project have engaged an external VAT consultant to ensure SKLPC (UK) following a tax efficient route and are being guided so to maintain compliance with HMRC regulations. The details of the VAT advice and the various matters surrounding VAT for charitable organisation.

The anticipated date for demolition & construction commencement is Q1 2023(Subject to sufficient funds being collected by that date, and with members approval), with an anticipated completion time of 24months (Q1 2025). This project continues to be in the MAJOR fund-raising stage, and as you all can appreciate a “People’s Project” of this magnitude requires donations from all members of our community however small or large with the Samaj and Gaam committees leading the fundraising. Your donations can be paid as a lump sum or instalments with further opportunities for naming rights across various parts of the new centre. (See the Centre pages). Donations can be made online by visiting

Our community in harmony have achieved so much over the years and this bodes well for the furtherance of SKLPC (UK) objectives. This IG project is envisaged to follow a similar path to build on our past successes with the full blessings and togetherness.

Lastly, our sincere thanks to the SKLPC(UK) India Gardens project team, the SKLPC(UK) Management Committee, our 24 gaam committee members, our business community and our SKLPC(UK) members for their dedication, support and commitment towards pursuing this long-standing vision for our Community.

Vinod Harji Halai                                                           Dhiru Ramji Vekaria

IG Project Convenor                                                   Assistant IG Project Convenor