At the mela  2022 we relaunched our India Gardens project. We showcased India Gardens with a model of the new building and a walk-through video showing all aspects of the building. This video gave a true understanding of the scale of the project and the incredible facilities. This video can be watched on the India Gardens website.

India Gardens is our primary focus and has been talked about for long enough, we simply need to start the building of our new home.

We are currently working with an estimated construction cost of the new building is £20 million. We are working very hard with construction professionals and suppliers to value engineer, to reduce the overall cost by up to £2 million.

We have received fantastic news from HMRC that the construction cost will be ‘zero rated’ so we will not be charged VAT. Which has potentially saved us upto £4m.

We want to commence the works in Spring next year and need your support.
All donations are welcome small or large and will help us in realising our
India Gardens vision. You can make donations by lump sum, monthly and yearly payments. Please complete the attached paper form or online payment form by scanning the QR code.

As a member if you donated the equivalent of a coffee a day, £85 per month for 3 years we would collect £3,000. We need each of members to think of their donation being a crucial part of the project

Thank you to all who have donated so far, we now need you to be our ambassadors, please go out and talk to friends and family about India Gardens. Talk about why we need the centre, its many benefits and qualities, encouraging members to morally support and donate whatever they can.