India Gardens, West End Road, Northolt, Middlesex UB5 6RE



April 2024

Demolition works completed 

Piling mat works started

Infrastructure works continue around temporary structure.

February 2024

SKLPC UK purchase a 50m x 20m marquee to continue our events and offer gaams a affordable venue for there functions. Demolition works continue.  

January 2024

Demolition of halls commences.


December 2023

Final finishing of caretakers’ bungalow. Heating and electrics commissioned.

Clear out the entire centre in preparation for demolition.

Phase 1 of drainage works commences.

Temporary structure purchased.

October 2023

New sub-station delivered to site.

Santos from BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha led by Pujya Dr Gnanvatsaldas Swami and Yogvivekdas Swami bless the India Gardens Project

September 2023

Roof completed and windows installed for caretakers’ bungalow.

August 2023

Brickwork commenced for caretakers’ bungalow.

Hoarding of the construction site.

Acharya Shree Jitendriyapriyadasji Swamiji Maharaj from Maninagar Shree Swaminarayan Gadi, visits India Gardens to bless the project and donates £10,000 on behalf of the Sanstha.

July 2023

Excavation and pouring of foundation commenced for caretakers’ bungalow.

June 2023

AGM 2023 – Members given an update of construction timetable and an opportunity for questions and answers.

Madhapriya Swami from Swaminarayn Gurukul lays a brick in the foundation for the main building and have donates £11,111 to the project.

May 2023 - Kath Murat

Kath Murat took place on Wednesday 17 May, all donors were invited to participate.

Bhuj Santos led by Balkrushna Dasji conduct the ceremony and donate £51,000 towards the India Gardens project on behalf of Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj.

Monday 29 May, Shanti Havan, all members of our community were invited to lay a brick in the foundation of the new centre, 1500 people took part. Foundation bricks laid for caretaker’s bungalow.

Feb 2023

EGM Held where Members voted in favour of selling Hendon Hall.

Meeting held with Hillingdon Council to update them on the project.

January 2023

Full design team meeting held at India Gardens.

We concluded a value engineering process, a number of areas of cost reduction were identified, this led to a number of applications being submitted to Ealing Council to vary the planning permission that has been granted. Subsequently a meeting was held with all project consultants, this meeting was to bring the consultants up to speed with changes submitted to Council and work that will be required once permissions had been received.

The result of the various applications submitted to Ealing Council is as follows:-

Design amendments for simplified construction and reduction in costs without reducing foot print.
Left side roof – Mirroring of the roof form on the wings such that the wings on left side have flat roofs
Left service area – Infill to left side wing stores to allow space for plant and stores.
Access walkway tunnel – Reduction in the width of the walkway from front to rear currently 5.5m reduced to 3m
Straighten glazing to rear elevation – albeit maintaining the curved roof form above.
Caretakers Bungalow – Repositioned to suit better security arrangements to the site such that it is closer to the entrance.

Makes the development more self-sufficient.1. Introduction of solar panels to central portion of roof.

Application 3APPROVED OCTOBER 2023
which relates to the removal of the retractable canopy and a marquee being used in its stead.

Application 4 – APPROVED MAY 2023
This was an application to amend the compliance dates of the conditions associated with the planning permission, this application was made for practical reasons associated with the life cycle of the build and has been approved.

Planning Condition 17 – Approval of Construction Logistics Plan.

Reposition of caretakers’ bungalows to a different location on the site.

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January 2023

Construction project timeline and estimated cost to a water tight structure of £9m was proposed to Management Committee and their was unanimous agreement to start the project.


October 2022

New training nets installed at SKLPC Cricket Club.

August 2022

Update letters sent to all donors and value of pledges verified, where necessary corrections have been made.

EC agreed to hold corporate night to update donors and potential donors.

July 2022

As per the community use agreement contained within the s.106 agreement, signed in July 2021, we submitted various documents as required to Ealing Council.

June 2022

Following the AGM 2022, the Executive Committee unanimously appointed Mavji Dhanji Vekaria as convenor. The IG Committee comprises of Mavjibhai Vekaria, Vinodbhai Gajparia, Samjibhai Dabasia, Sashibhai Vekaria, Jeetubhai Halai, Tinaben Jesani, Jayeshbhai Hirani, Kanjibhai Jesani, Harien Mayani, Arvinbhai Assani, Ravibhai Varsani and Rajeshbhai Jiwani.

External advising sevaks are Rikinbhai Kerai, Harishbhai Halai, Prakashbhai Halai, Ruchitbhai Dabasia, Parthbhai Wagjiani, Arvindbhai Halai, Khimjibhai Pindoria, Devshibhai Patel, Kanjibhai Vekaria, Nanjibhai Bhudia, Dineshbhai Patel, Rajnibhai Hirani, Subibhai Vishram and Dhireshbhai Halai. 

At AGM 2022 it was announced that the estimated build cost could potentially be delivered for around £20m (exc VAT) if managed in house, which we have adopted as our base point.

Immediately following AGM 2022 the IG Committee undertook an internal audit of the work that had been undertaken in respect of the IG project to that point as part of that exercise various QS’s and building professionals have been involved in helping the IG Committee to re-price and value engineer the project and broadly are of the view that based on the amended design, the project can be delivered to completion encompassing all works for £20m. You will appreciate that until the detailed revised construction drawings have been drawn up, the final revised project cost will not be announced.

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“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

In 2018 Full planning consent was granted by London Borough of Ealing. So impressed were the council planning officers by the design of the new building that not only did they unanimously vote in favour of granting planning permission that they went on to say that “this is an award-winning building, and we want it in Ealing”

The IG Project has taken many years, an immense amount of hard work and a lot of money to get to where it is now but we cannot rest yet!